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Week 12
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This dilemma reminded us of our times on placement.  Times where we had less control over the space that we worked.  Thinking back to those times also reminded us of how we grow in confidence, and how the answers we would give now would be different from the answers we would give if put in the same situation now.... 


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You can also take part in all our other dilemmas....let us know what you would do!


The dilemma in full:

You are a student counsellor working on a placement. Your placement provider has been spending some time trying to find you a room to see clients from in the local community, finally they come up trumps and let you know that they have found you a room and have a client that they need you to see urgently. You feel excited and nervous to see your client for the first time, but when you arrive at the address you have been given you are greeted by a noisy hall with a toddler group taking place. 

You find someone who works at the community centre you have been directed to and they tell you that they were expecting you and direct you to an area in the corner of the hall that is behind a screen, the area has two chairs, a clock and a box of tissues. You can clearly hear toddlers screaming, toys squeaking and people walking backwards and forwards near where you are sat. You are aware that your client is due to arrive any minute and you are concerned about confidentiality and how you will be able to concentrate. 


What would you do?

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