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Week 18
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There was a resounding result for one option this week, with the others all getting equal footing in second place....the nature of the clients need for therapy seems to weigh heavily against the needs of the therapist in the heat of the see the full dilemma see below or click her to have your say:


You have been doing a placement working on the phone with clients whilst you complete your 100 hours. You have been working with a client that I shall name 'Eliza' for around 20 hours on her main issue which is around a fear of driving. One afternoon you are enroute to collect a friend from the train station when your car is hit by another car that pulled out on a roundabout. 



You both pull over and you can see there is some damage to your nearside front wheel arch. Both you and the driver of the car are unhurt but you feel cross that the other driver pulled out in a seemingly careless manner. No-one else stops to help, so you ask the driver for her name and details, she writes the information down and hands you the piece of paper. In a sinking moment, you realise that the driver is your client; Eliza. 

What would you do?

Take the piece of paper, tell her not to worry and never mention it again as you and Eliza always work on the phone and she doesn't know that you are her counsellor, you are concerned about damaging the therapeutic relationship.


Introduce yourself as her counsellor and apologise for being cross, telling her not to worry about the damage to the car and you will look forward to chatting to her again in the next session making a mental note to discuss how she is feeling about it; after all there is therapy in everything that happens.


Introduce yourself as her counsellor and let her know that you will need to make a claim for the damage under her insurance, after all, why should you pay for the damage yourself.


Let her know that you are her counsellor and check if she is OK. You tell her that you may need to claim on her insurance but that you need to speak with your supervisor first to think about the impact on the counselling relationship and the potential boundary issues.


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