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Week 21
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"What service supervisor provides is more important than what he does in his own private life. If it was a client would we cancell his session. Of course not, no judgement is one of our core principles."




"I think ultimately, this is an issue for the manager. An individual therapist shouldn't be taking on the role of making safeguarding decisions on behalf of the organisation; whether or not it is a safeguarding issue is something for the manager to determine alongside the supervisor, if appropriate."


The dilemma in full:


You are a counsellor working with a local women's support group.  You have a good working relationship with the group's management team.

The group is a charity set up to help women who have survived domestic and sexual abuse.  They don't pay a big wage but they do offer one to one supervsion with an experienced supervisor. Your supervisor has been working for the organisation for a long time you feel that they really get you and the way you work.


One weekend, you take a city break with your partner and whilst walking back to your hotel late at night you pass a strip club.  Waiting in the queue to get in you see a drunken group of people, in the middle of the group you see your supervisor.


What would you do?


When you get home, contact the manager and tell them what you have seen


Ignore it and tell yourself it is none of your business - everyone has a private life


Walk over to the queue and say hello to your supervisor to see how they react


Wait until your next session and talk to the supervisor face to face


To take part yourself:

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