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Week 9
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Our first dilemma of 2024 was written by a special guest Samiul Choudhury and offered three choices, all of which got an almost equal share of the votes.  This tricky situation feels wraught with possible danger of causing a rupture in the therapeutic relationship...if you want to have your say you can still vote on this (and all our other dilemmas) by following the link below.


The dilemma 

"You are a counsellor, and have been seeing your client for 3 sessions, focussing on their issues around hoarding, their relationship with their partner and other stressors. 

You have arranged and agreed to buy an armchair from seller listed on an online marketplace website, which you are hoping to use in your therapy room, or perhaps even your home. When you arrive at the sellers home, you are shown in, and inspect the chair, happy with your purchase, and start discussing transport. At that moment, the seller's partner arrives, only for you to discover that it is your aforementioned client.

What do you do?


A.     Buy the chair as it is very comfortable and affordable and place it in your room. Discuss with your client in the next session, how it feels for them to see and possibly sit in the chair. Or you sit in the chair.

B.     Excuse yourself and back out of the prearranged agreement to buy the chair, and let your client know that you will discuss this in session.

C.     Apologise, and agree to discuss it with your client in the next session, and if they feel comfortable, arrange to have a friend collect it, and place it in your home. After all your transaction is with their partner, and they are trying to clear out their home, and do not want their to be more issues in their relationships, as they feel that your refusal will be blamed on them by their partner. 


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