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Week 10
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A mixed reaction to this dilemma, with a fairly even split between three of the four options.

The Dilemma

You have been working with a client for around 3 months and they are doing really well and making lots of positive changes although she has mentioned a few times about her not being able to work and pay her way. 

One day she comes in and tells you that she needs to stop coming for therapy and that today's session will be the last. When you enquire as to why, your client tells you that her partner is no longer prepared to pay for the counselling as he doesn't like who she is becoming through the changes she is making. The partner told your client that he no longer recognises her and he solely blames the therapy for this. You weren't aware until recently that your client's partner had been paying as she always paid in cash for each session.

What do you do?

  • End the therapy with the client by respecting their autonomy but give her some details of some affordable local organisations in case she needs more therapy in the future.

  • Ask her how she feels about what her partner has said and how safe she feels at home before offering her a couple more low cost or free sessions to finish the therapy off safely. This is far from ideal for you in terms of your business but the needs of the client feels more important.

  • Let her know that it all feels very sudden and ask her how safe she feels at home with her partner. Her answer will then determine how you proceed, for example you privately wonder if there is coercive control taking place.

  • Offer to do some low cost / free sessions with your client so that she gets the support she needs, afterall, the situation feels very odd to you and you don't want to end the therapy abruptly.

The dilemma in full can be found here: and is still open for votes:

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