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Week 15
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You have been working with a client for several months.  She is a recently widowed grandmother in her early 70s and when she first arrived, she was wanted to explore her feelings with grief and loneliness.

As your work together has developed she has mentioned feelings around climate-anxiety and her feelings of powerlessness.

In today's session she says that she has joined an action group. On further exploration she explains that it is campaign group that is planning to hold a series of, as yet secret,  protests blocking traffic at a nearby oil refinery.

She says that the protests will be peaceful and that she has volunteered to glue herself to some gates as part of the process.

What would you do?

- Explain that as this might be regarded as an act of terrorism that you have to contact the police

- Try and dissuade her from taking part and anonymously report this information to the police

- Ask her for some more information about the protest you feel strongly about taking action yourself.

- When the session is over check out the requirements of your organisations code of ethics regarding breaching confidentiality

This dilemma was posed to Simon during a recent Level 4 Diploma class.  It revolves around our understanding of the law, ethical codes, our personal ethical compass and the confidential nature of therapy.

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