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Week 8
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Our final ethical dilemma of the 2023:


The dilemma 

You are working in private practice.  You have only seen  two clients today and are you are closing down the rooms where you work.  You have been the only person in the building aside from your two clients.The first client  (Client A) is a very wealthy businesswoman, she is coming to you to discuss the breakdown in the relationship with her daughter.  She earns a six figure salary, but has to work long hours and is often away from home when her daughter is either going to bed or getting up.Your second client (Client B) is an unemployed labourer who has been referred to you by a charity (they are paying for his sessions).  He got injured at work and is suffering from long term depression due to his poor financial situation.As you tidy up the waiting room you find a £20 note under a cushion on the waiting room chair.  You know that it wasn't there earlier as you put the cushion there this morning!What do you do?


The overwhelming choice was to email both clients to let them know that we found some money…but what happens next if both clients respond and claim the money:


If we suspect one of them is being untruthful how does that affect our relationship?

If they are both genuine in their response what do we do next?

Do we split it between them?

Do we tell them both that someone else has also claimed it?

Do we take £20 from our own pocket and give them both £20?

Something so simple can become quite tricky!!!


What would you do…..let us know by dropping us an email. If you want to get involved with our next dilemma please make sure you like and subscribe on facebook:



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